Bol muzical tibetan full-moon

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Boluri muzicale lucrate manual, dintr-un aliaj de 7 metale. Se folosesc preponderent in meditatie si in terapii cu boluri tibetane. Diametrul aproximativ este de 16 cm. 

The Singing bowls is originated in the pre Buddhist Shamanic Bon Po Culture of the Himalayas often called “Tibetan” singing bowls, they are actually made in Nepal, Bhutan, India and Tibet. Some sources state that the bowls are made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the known seven planets.









Listening to the sound of the singing bowls stops ones internal dialogue (the intellectual center is suspended and the feeling center is activated) making the bowls an excellent tool for meditation, Centering and trance induction. They are used by healers to tone and balance the energy body field. The sound and feeling of a large singing bowl vibrating on ones chest or abdomen is transmitted via the skeletal system through the entire body(after all we are 80% water). Water is wonderful conductor for sound, it is powerful and indescribable.

An extended toning session induces relaxation on the cellular level, because of these properties, singing bowls are being incorporated into a variety of healing modalities.

Singing bowls can be used to make music, music of a different ethnic than our western ears are used to. The bowls has multi-tonal properties and other worldly sound challenge our very conceptions of totality.

Body therapists, yoga teachers, and music therapists from university music department, musicians, and those who use meditation regularly, have been exploring and working with these wonderful celestial sounds.

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